School development

School models - Inclusion at regular schools

(state schools with catchment area)


On behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family 

for the State of Berlin

The team of White Unicorn e.V. has developed various inclusive models. The principle of neurodiversity (autism) was particularly important. This serves in the long run the creation of a universal design, for the dismantling of barriers which autistic children and young people face. 


Basics of Inclusive Schooling


The application of the outdated paradigm of pathology, as well as the outdated ideology of normality are excluded, also because of the associated dangers.


In order to participate in education and everyday school life, aids (e.g. telepresence system in the learning spaces of Silence, distance learning courses, assistance dogs) in the form of modules of White Unicorn e.V., as well as measures of pedagogical architecture in school design are granted until the universal design is implemented at school, according to the specifications of the UN-BRK. Current research, as well as individual support under the conditions of the prevailing culture, are also taken into account.


Autistic speakers who specialize in removing barriers and have many years of experience with this modern concept of diversity participated intensively in the conceptual design. Together with various experts, they conceived the barrier-sensitive school design inc. of various modules as a school project.



The modules (distance learning courses, tutors, learning rooms, etc) of the inclusion concept can be used at each school as individual modules as required, e.g. in the form of projects such as the module distance learning courses, which was evaluated in the pilot project. The modules are under development because they are adapted to the needs of the school and the individuality of the students, used according to specific circumstances and further optimised (targeted standard: quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015).


All modules include advice and support by co-teams of the inclusion assistants together with the instructors of the association.


Pilot project for inclusive school design (2016 - 2018)

Inclusion concepts for autistic children 

Inclusion project at regular schools BMBF-Project "schAUT"