The foundation

The White Unicorn is an association for the development of an autistic-friendly environment. It was founded on 14.11.2015. People to whom the development of an autistic-friendly environment is very important gathered for the foundation. They elected the board members on that day. In this first meeting, the board members wrote a constitution. It states what the purposes of the association are and how this will be implemented. This constitution was signed by everyone. This means that everyone agreed to it.

The association was decided to be a non-profit organisation. Non-profit associations like White Unicorn e.V. are not allowed to do anything for the sake of money. It is strictly controlled that the association does not do this for sure. The association is registered in a register. It is called a "register of associations" and the number is VR3473B. This number can be checked at the Charlottenburg district court. Anyone who wishes to do so can look in the register of associations to see which associations exist under which numbers.

The members

Non-autistic people can also become members of the association. These members are called supporting members. They are not all allowed to vote at the meetings when something is decided or someone is elected. The majority must always be autistic. This is important because only autistic people themselves can really understand other autistic people.

All members of the association work together to develop an autistic-friendly environment. Some of the members actively participate in the team. Others donate something. And still others simply want to make it known with their name that they like what the association is doing. But the goal is the same for all of them. This is independent of how they participate, whether they are autistic or non-autistic.

Supporting members are also accepted!

Our non-profit association is a provider of child and youth welfare, education and upbringing, science and research as well as welfare, which is run by a 2/3 majority of autistic people for autistic people. This means that the autistic members have full voting rights. Up to 1/3 of the voting members can be non-autistic. All others are accepted as supporting members. There is also the possibility to decide in principle for a supporting membership.

Whoever feels connected to our association, even if not necessarily as an autistic person, e.g. because the concepts, models and projects are supported, is welcome to request a membership application under: info[at]!

The following list contains members of the association as well as sponsors who are willing to publicly suppor

It has been possible to register here since 23.08.2017, so far the following members are listed:


Of the about 60 members, 28 have agreed to their names being published.