White Unicorn

Association for the Development of an Autistic-Friendly Environment e.V.


We are looking for students, pedagogues or teachers for two autistic children in the first to sixth grade in Berlin-Mahlsdorf. Experience as a teacher is not absolutely necessary. We would like at least two hours per week from 1pm (outside school hours). Each child is taught individually in the club room of White Unicorn e.V., teaching materials are provided. It is an interesting and pleasant job. You are welcome to contact us for an interview at info@white-unicorn.org. Thank you and warmly: Your White Unicorns. The illustration comes from the excellent book Lisa & Lio by Fuchskind, for which Dr. Mark Benecke wrote the foreword (https://home.benecke.com/publications/lisa-und-leo-vorwort).

Autumn Meeting - Autism & School

It was a wonderful day with you! to work through the interim results from the BMBF project "SchAut" together as a lecture and workshop. Headmasters, teachers, participation assistants: Thank you very much for your great commitment. Thank you very much to Langenselbold for allowing us to organise and experience this event in the Klosterberghalle and of course to the Fröbelschule for inviting us to the Autumn Meeting. It was a pleasure for us and we would be happy to come back anytime when it is called inclusion, also for autistic people.

Many thanks to Andre Feller for this wonderful work of art! As of today, you can admire the beautiful white unicorn in our office.

Photo of the handover: Ronny Zeisberg

Our kids from the trampoline training with Waldi Müller and Norman Lichtenberg from Ashigaru - Parkour & Freerunning. Thanks to the team at MyJumpOst Berlin for the calm, reliable and relaxed atmosphere. The tricks learned can be seen in the autumn review as a short video.