Board members

Stephanie Fuhrmann

  • Executive Management

  • Research Associate Project "SchAut" / "Research Network

  • Contact: stephanie.fuhrmann[at]

Tom Küster

  • Chairman of the Board of White Unicorn e.V.

  • by profession economist, financial accountant

  • Contact: tom.kuester[at]

Dr. Mark Benecke

  • Member of the Board of White Unicorn e.V.

  • Biologist by profession, International Forensic Research & Consulting

  • Project "Research Network" / "SchAut"

  • Photo:

Jack Balmer

  • Member of the Board of White Unicorn e.V.

  • Parcel carrier by profession (Switzerland)

Dirk Höpfner

  • Secretary on the Board of White Unicorn e.V.

  • IT consultant by profession

Michael Pritzl

  • Treasurer on the board of White Unicorn e.V.

  • Student of Environmental Informatics

Team members

Waldemar Müller

  • Parkour World Champion "Parcouring World Championship" 2009

  • Project "Quiet Hour Trampoline / Parkour

Jacob Künzer

  • Sociologist (B.A.)

  • Project: "Distance learning courses"

Hartmut M. Graf von Matuschka Frh.von Toppolczan und Spaetgen

  • Graduate psychologist, Bodypainting Atelier Muschka

  • Project "Emotions in Colour"

Byrthe Paul

  • Primary school teacher at Deutsche Fernschule e.V.

  • Project: "Distance learning courses


The research network generates knowledge for the development of an autistic-friendly environment. In addition to White Unicorn e.V. represented by Dr. Mark Benecke International Forensic Research & Consulting, Prof. Dr. Vera Moser, Goethe University Frankfurt, Mr. Lukas Gerhards, Institute for Rehabilitation Sciences at Humboldt University Berlin and Prof. Michel Knigge as well as Dr. Sabine Schwager from the Institute for Rehabilitation Psychology are involved.

Contact the research network: info[at]

Created on our website in precious collaboration / as a guest post by autistic people for autistic people:

  • Annemie Reetz, Consultant Autism, Peer Counselling (ESH) - Conceptualisation Models Daycare / School

  • Autistic UK - "Going Gold" for the acceptance of autism

  • Colin Müller, Autism Culture - Dangers: Nursing Homes

  • ESH - Culture: Child Welfare, Barriers

  • Identity-first Autistic - Identity-first

  • Nick Walker - What is Autism?

  • Realitätsfilter Blog - We are Autism

  • Roschinsky Brothers - Being Autistic: Everyday Life, Experiences

  • Samantha Becker - Dangers: MMS

  • Sinnesstille - Dangers: KIT

We would like to express our special thanks for the voluntary commitment:

  • Dr. med. Ernst Robert Langlotz, systemic psychiatrist and psychotherapist (conceptualisation of the resilience concept)

  • Ms Simone Rickerts, speech therapist (conceptualisation of the communication concept)

  • Ms Indra Shah, child and youth therapist (VT) (participation in being autistic)

  • Mr. Reinmar Stass, rehabilitation pedagogue (bachelor thesis barriers)