Aktion Mensch-Project "Quiet hour"

An inclusive sports offer, barrier-adjustable also for autistic people - that is our goal!

Since 5.2019, this project "Quiet Hour" has been taking place weekly at the trampoline park in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

The parkour world champion Waldemar Müller (Waldi, World Champion 2009) is part of this parkour and trampoline training by White Unicorn e.V. (funded by Aktion Mensch) as a trainer at MyJump Ost Berlin. He trains the mixed group where about 7 places are reserved for neurotypical children and 3 for autistic children. Stephanie Fuhrmann is the project manager and takes care of all other matters.


Mondays at MyJump Berlin East



What, when, how, where?

For children aged 5-10 who just want to have a " try out", the project includes " try-out places". This way, the child can see whether they discover parkour and trampolining as a sport for themselves, or whether they realise after the try-out that they were more interested in trying it out.

During training, the group practices flips, climbing and jumping from foam blocks onto mats and into the cube pool, and much more. If you would like to participate in Parkour every week and actively train in a group, we would be happy to offer you this training.

If you are interested, please contact stephanie.fuhrmann[at]white-unicorn.org, but try-out dates cannot be arranged at the moment.

Background: What are barriers?

Familiar sensory stimuli such as noise, stress and hectic activity, which can quickly become overwhelming in everyday life, are often barriers for autistic children. In Quiet Hour, we provide a safe setting for autistic children by making these barriers adjustable. This way, they can have fun moving together with other children from the social space. The entire hall invites children and young people to jump, climb and play on 2000 m² of trampoline and parkour surfaces like hardly anywhere else.

Funded by Aktion Mensch

Thanks to the full funding by Aktion Mensch, the project "Quiet Hour" could be launched for two years. Many thanks at this point for this great support!