Aktion Mensch-Project "Quiet hour"

From May 2019 to August 2023, there was an inclusive sports offering, adjustable for individuals with autism as well.

The project "Ruhige Stunde" (Quiet Hour) took place weekly at the trampoline park in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

During this parkour and trampoline training organized by White Unicorn e.V. (supported by Aktion Mensch), parkour world champion Waldemar Müller (Waldi, World Champion 2009) and Norman Lichtenberg initially trained at Jump3000. After a change of venue, they continued training at MyJump Ost Berlin. They trained a diverse group, with approximately 7 spots allocated for neurotypical children and 3 for children with autism. Stephanie Fuhrmann oversees all other aspects as the project manager."

Waldemar Müller

Stephanie Fuhrmann

Jacob Künzer

What, when, how, where?

For children aged 5-10 who simply wanted to "sample," spots were reserved in the "Sampler Places" project. This allowed the child to determine if they discovered parkour and trampolining as a sport for themselves or found that their interest was more in trying it out.

During training, the group practiced flips, climbing, and jumping from foam blocks onto mats and into foam pits, among other activities. Those who enjoyed this and wanted to participate in parkour every week and actively train with the group were warmly welcomed to continue this training.

Background: What are barriers?

Common sensory stimuli such as noise, stress, and hustle, which can quickly become overwhelming in everyday settings, often pose barriers for autistic children. During the "Quiet Hour," we provided a safe environment for autistic children by making these barriers adjustable. This enabled them to enjoy physical activity with other children in their social environment. The entire hall, with its 2000 m² of trampoline and parkour areas, invites children and teenagers like few other places to jump, climb, and play.

Supported by Aktion Mensch

Thanks to the full funding by Aktion Mensch, the "Quiet Hour" project could be launched. A heartfelt thank you at this point for this tremendous support!