NEWS: Welcome / Willkommen!
 White Unicorn - Association for the Development of an Autistic-Friendly Environment e.V.
The foundation
The White Unicorn is an association for the development of an autistic-friendly environment. It was founded on 14.11.2015. People who attach great importance to the development of an autist-friendly environment gathered for the foundation. They elected the board of directors on that day. In this first meeting, the board members drew up a statute. In it is written what the purposes of the association are and how this is realised. These statutes have been signed by everyone. That means everyone agreed to it.
The association was decided as a non-profit organization. Non-profit associations such as White Unicorn e.V. may not do anything for the sake of money. It is strictly controlled that the association also certainly does not do this. The association is registered in a national register. This is called the "Register of Associations" and the number is VR3473B. You can find this number in the district court of Charlottenburg. There everyone can look up the register of associations which clubs there are under which numbers.
Organization chart
(This organigram serves as a link to a larger picture, which opens with a click on it.)
The Board of Directors
It is the task of the board members to take care of the association. The two chairmen are peer support speakers. They are two autistic people with an important task. At the moment they are Stephanie Fuhrmann as chief executive of the association. Her deputy is Sarah Adelmann. They have to consider how the association can fulfil its purposes. To do this, they are involved in research and turn to administrations and politicians. Their task as speakers for peer support is also to accompany the autistic children and their families.
Two of the other four board members may also be non-autistic (allistic). Everything to do with finances must be organised. For this there is a treasurer, who is currently Christoph Haendeler. The two information scientists and secretaries Tobias Schenk and Frank Fuhrmann are responsible for technical matters such as the website and data protection. The Diversity Manager Herr Reinmar Stass is charged with achieving a productive general atmosphere in the association and in cooperation with administration, politics and others, raising awareness of existing or potential social discrimination against neurominorities and promoting equal opportunities based on human rights.
The members
Allistics (Non-autists) can also become members of the association. These members are called supporting members. They may not all vote at the meetings if something is decided or someone is chosen. It must always be the majority (2/3) autistic. This is important because only autistic people can really understand other autistic people. Allistics are only allowed to speak on topics that do not relate to peer support. For example, when it comes to technical questions. Or the tax office wants to know something. 
All members of the association work together on the development of an autistic-friendly environment. Some of the members are actively involved in the team. Others donate something. And still others want to announce simply with their name that they find that well which the association does. But the goal is the same for everyone. Regardless of how they participate, whether they are autistic or allistic.